Our classes use a comprehensive approach, wherein you study speaking, listening, reading and writing based on conversation. You will study grammar (level 1 to level 6) systematically and learn vocabulary and conversations from everyday life, so you will become familiar with life in Korea as fast as possible. The classes enable you to practice Korean through the use of text books and various other teaching materials that are designed to hold your interest.

Our Program

Level 1

You will learn Korean letters, pronunciation, greetings, basic vocabulary and simple short sentences through basic everyday conversation.

(completion time: 2 months)

Level 2

You will talk about travel, seasons, etc., through longer sentences by learning auxiliary words, tenses and connecting phrases.

 (completion time: 2 months)

Level 3

You will have natural conversation about various situations in Korean society by learning grammatical causativeness, passivity, indirect narration and basic knowledge about Korea.

Level 4

You will express yourself like a Korean by learning more familiar language (such as that used among friends), echoic or imitative vocabulary. And you will be able to have in-depth conversations with your Korean friends.

Level 5

You will be able to understand newspapers, radio and TV programs, etc., while continuing to learn more about Korean culture and customs. You will become more familiar with characteristic and peculiar expressions of the Korean language.

Level 6

You will do special translation and interpretation, and be able to understand advanced literature. You will write specialized materials using advanced vocabulary.