We offer a variety of classes specifically tailored to your individual Korean level.

Currently we are offering either private lessons or group classes.

Group classes are conducted in small groups of three to five students and are usually attended twice a week in both Haeundae or Pusan National University (PNU) areas.  Classes can be attended more or less frequently depending on your personal needs and you are not limited to just the Haeundae or PNU classes but are welcome to participate in classes fitting your level in either location.  Standard group classes are charged at 80,000 won per month.  This is based on a standard 8 classes a month schedule.

If you have a group of friends of similar level who would all like to start a class together, group classes can be created specifically for your schedules.

Private classes are also available at both locations.  Private classes can be done individually or in a group of two.  Please contact us for prices and availability of private lessons.

By popular request we are now providing classes that are aimed at helping students studying for the Korean Proficiency Test.

  • Haenudae classes are conducted every Monday and Wednesday.
  • PNU classes are conducted every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.